About Us

NeXT Rewards is a sports focused, point’s only social gaming platform that is financially risk free for its members (Fans). Our mission is to get you more in the game to maximize your fun, the exhilaration of winning and your ability to earn reward points fast so you can redeem for great stuff from our catalogue.

Have fun, earn lots and get the stuff you want!

Playing NeXT is super fun, easy and rewarding. Start by following some pro sport games each day when available. In each game you will receive up to 10 Pivotal Moment notifications to play and earn. A Pivotal Moment is a live game event with an unknown outcome. Once you receive a Pivotal Moment open it and read the “Game Situation” information to help you make your guess. Then read the “What Happens NeXT?” question and click the answer button that you want to choose. Once that’s done, sit back and relax. We’ll let you know your outcome once it happens in the game. Guess right and you earn valuable NeXT Rewards Points to redeem for great stuff from the catalogue. Guess wrong, no worries, no cost. And then after every game you will get High Value Offers from our amazing partners for free – no points required.

How to Play

Playing NeXT is fun, easy, rewarding and FREE. It was created specifically for you, the casual sports fan to help you enjoy sport your way!

  • Download the app.
  • Sign-up.
  • Select games to follow each day.
  • Try and guess the answer the “What Happens NeXT?” questions that we send you at Pivotal Moments in the game. Don’t worry, you don’t need much sports knowledge and you always have a 50/50 change to win.
  • If you guess right you win points, if you guess wrong – no problem – no cost.
  • Keep playing to collect points so you can redeem for great stuff from the NeXT Rewards catalogue.
  • Here’s something cool, after every game you will get High Value Offers from our amazing partners – no points required.
  • It’s win, win! And it’s Free.
  • It’s risk free. It’s fun to play. And it’s rewarding.

Go to the App Store and download the app. Use Bonus Code NeXT06 during sign-up and we’ll deposit 200 points into your account to get you started! Join – Have Fun!!