Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn points?

By playing Pivotal Moments when you follow a game.

What can I do with the points?

You collect them and then when you have enough you can redeem for great stuff from the NeXT Rewards Catalogue.

What is a Pivotal Moment?

A Pivotal Moment is a real-time live event that has an unknown outcome that occurs during the game (e.g. a penalty shot, field goal, home run, corner kick).

How do I play a Pivotal Moment?

It’s easy, try and correctly guess the outcome of the “What Happens NeXT?” style of question that we send you for each Pivotal Moment when you follow a game. Get it right and you earn points.

What happens if I guess a Pivotal Moment wrong?

Nothing, no penalty at all. You just don’t earn any new points. Keep trying.

How many Pivotal Moments are there in a game?

You get up to 10 Pivotal Moments sent to you per game you follow.

Why do I need to follow games?

We only send you Pivotal Moments from the games you follow each day. If you don’t follow games then you will not receive any Pivotal Moments from us so you cannot win points.

How do I follow a game?

Easy, open the app, click the select games button on the home page and pick your games to follow.

How many games can I follow?

You can follow up to 4 games per day.

What is a Post-Game Offer?

A high valued offer sent to you after the game from the brands who sponsored the Pivotal Moments you played in the game. The more Pivotal Moments you play, the more awesome offers you get to choose from.

How do Post-Game Offers work?

The offers get sent to your Offer page in the app after the game. You get to go and have a look when you want and chose the ones that you like. There is no cost to this. Make sure you check every day because the offers only stick around for a few days and then they are gone.

How do I get a Post-Game Offer?

Once you’ve decided you want one simply click the “GET IT” button beside the offer and we will put the offer in your NeXT Rewards wallet.

How many Post-Game Offers do I get?

You only get these offers from the Pivotal Moments you played that were purchased by a brand.

How many points can I earn?

There is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

How fast can I earn points?

That’s up to you. The more pivotal Moments you play the greater your chances to earn points fast. If you play all 10 Pivotal Moments in a game and get them all correct then you’ll have earned 200 points in that game. At a penny a point that means you just won $2 worth of points in a single game. So that means in as few as 5 games you could earn up to $10.